This poster was just released so I can finally talk about it! As far as I know this is the first time OCAD has chosen to use illustration for the GradEx poster instead of straight graphic design (when they contacted me I actually thought they’d mistaken me for a graphic designer) so I was really excited to work on this. 

The idea was about breaking traditions and moving past cliches to find new ways of thinking. More than anything I found OCADU to be a school of ideas. We were always encouraged to move past easy solutions to get to the heart of an idea to come up with something new. No self-respecting illustration student would settle for using a lightbulb until all other metaphors had been exhausted…so of course I couldn’t help but use it in this piece.

Thanks to everyone on the GradEx committee who worked with me on this! And if you’re in the GTA May 1st - 4th make sure you check out the exhibition!

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